Sand Dune In Sweden
Sand Dune In Sweden

Sand Dune In Sweden

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Original 'Sand Dune in Sweden' painting 

The first from my Daily Healing series, this painting looks through a small window to a calming memory of a sand dune in Sweden. The beach was fresh and clean. I remember feeling warm on my face and arms from the evening sun but the sand on my feet was cool, and the breeze perfectly comfortable. The style of the minimalist abstract painting is inspired by Agnes Martin, whose evenly spaced lines evoke a sense of calm and order. I hope that you, too, can feel the sense of serenity imbued in this work. 

Original signed painting.
Gouache and pencil on 165gsm cartridge paper.
21x21cm. Unframed.


About Daily Healing

My art has always been a reflection of my travels and experiences. But, this latest series is reflective of an entirely new journey. As I navigate health treatments, these paintings have become a healing exercise, a moment of calm in my day when I can visualise and paint memories from my past travels. When I'm not feeling so good, I revisit this fresh, duney beach in Sweden, or relive the pitter-patter of a rainy night in Soho.

Pay What You Can

Because I am unable to work at the moment, I have decided to add these original paintings to my lineup of prints. However, I am offering the option to pay what you can if you feel pulled to support me and my work as I embark on this new journey. I have a guide price of £30, but you can pay less if you need to, or more if you want to. Simply select the price you want to pay before adding to cart.


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