Noama is created by me, Donna Baitey.

I'm a visual artist with a passion for sustainability

I'm a freelance Art Director, but like most creative people, I'm restless and never content with having one creative outlet. So, I started Noama where I create art prints for homes and design for businesses.

I am passionate about protecting the planet, so all of my print and poster designs are sustainably produced in the UK, my home country. Right now, I work remotely from my studio in Costa Rica. My jungle surroundings give me more than enough inspiration to create my Art Prints, which are very much influenced by the natural world, organic shapes, sun-drenched colours and minimalist architecture often found in hot climates.

My work and my words are minimalist but meaningful. I'm also quite obsessed with long shadows, so you'll see a lot of those in my artwork but they are always balanced with bright sunlight. There is no shadow without light, after all.

If it's design or art direction for your business that you're here for, you'll find out more about that at Noama Studio.